Replacement Elements

Oil and Natural Gas Filter Replacement Elements

It won’t be wrong to call natural gas a gift from Mother Earth. For billions and billions of years, earth preserves the fossils under its crust and turns it into an incredibly useful substance. Natural gas, after being extracted in its raw form goes through numerous stages of filtration to convert into a usable form of energy. The filtration process uses complex and highly advanced systems to remove the impurities from raw natural gas and turn it into energy.

Advanz is one of the premier companies that offer a plethora of filter replacement elements that are enclosed in filter-houses. They provide the finest quality engineered systems for the latest as well as existing industrial applications.

We understand that every project and OEM is different and has its unique demands. Hence, we offer to create unique filtration systems based on the special requirements.

Our experienced and talented pool of engineers will take care of your needs and design apt filter-houses to meet your unique filtration requirements and OEM specifications. Here are the three main types of natural gas filter replacement elements.

#1. Filter Cartridges

The filter cartridges are an essential part of the filtration system and different projects may require different types of cartridges. As a result, Advanz offers a wide range of filter cartridges that provide customers various options to choose from. Whether you are looking for nominal, depth, surface or pleated type, we have you covered. 

The liquid process cartridges offered by Advanz are high quality, and they deliver a cost-effective performance. The different types of applications include food and beverages, high purity water, and other critical process flow.

We also offer different types of replacement filter cartridges from various brands such as the prestigious OEM Shawndra (Sparks). We also stock several other brand replacement filter elements such as Hydac-Hycon, Pall, Parker, Hydrafil, Fluitek and so on.

# 2.Straining Elements

The second most important type of filter replacement elements is straining elements. Also known as the basket strainer, it is the first kind of filtration element used in the process. It comes in different shapes which may look like a witch hat or cone.

Some popular designs are T-strainer, Y-strainer, automatic, simplex, duplex and so on. In every filtration plant, there are straining elements that need to be replaced after a few uses. At Advanz, we offer replacement strainer elements in different shapes and sizes.

#3. Coalescer Filter and Separator Elements

The coalescer filter and separator elements are yet two other important types of filter replacement elements offered by Advanz. We are proud to offer high-quality OEM Shawndra (Sparks) elements but other than that we also carry filter elements from other reputed brands such as Jonell, Pall, Parker, Facet, Hilliard, NFS, Clark-Reliance, Peco, King, Dollinger, and so on.